Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap Getting Limited Physical Release

In case you missed it, Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap released last month for consoles. There’s [...]

In case you missed it, Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap released last month for consoles. There's a good chance you might have, as it came out alongside other games like The Disney Afternoon Collection and Full Throttle Remastered. Not to worry, though – there's still ample enough time to discover its retro-based beauty – and soon you'll be able to do it in physical form.

Limited Run Games, a company that specializes in re-releasing indie games and other rare titles in physical format, has announced that it will be re-releasing Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap as a physical release this summer. The company actually made an old-school style announcement on its home page, complete with classic Sega Master System font (as the game originally came out for that system).

The game originally released under DotEmu, a company very familiar with old-school titles, as it released the Buster Bros. remake Pang Adventures last year, and is hard at work on finishing up the Neo-Geo classic Windjammers for a re-release.

Now, at this time, only the PlayStation 4 game is being remade in physical form, since the company doesn't currently produce games for the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. Still, it'll have a retro-based art design, as you can see below, as well as font that really brings out the adventurer in all of us.


Both a regular and a collector's edition will be available for purchase, although Limited Run hasn't detailed just what's included with the collector's edition release. More than likely, it'll be some kind of special artwork, along with possible other goodies to make the price bump worthwhile.

The company hasn't given a release date for the game just yet, or how much it's expected to sell for, but considering the utter quality of Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap presentation – as well as the ability to switch between "classic" and new visuals on the fly – it's bound to be worth it. We'll be reviewing The Dragon's Trap for you very soon, but expect high marks.

For those that don't have a PS4, you can still buy the game digitally, so there's that. It's available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, and will debut on PC next month.