World Of Warcraft Player Calculated Each Races' Genital Size ... For Science (NSFW)

world of warcraft genitals

Gamers be weird. I mean we can be really weird ... and to the shock of absolutely no one, World of Warcraft players are not exempt from that statement (for the Horde ... ahem, right). The world surrounding Blizzard's ever expanding universe continues to grow with its lore and in-game activities. The new expansion on the way even brings a few new races to the popular MMORPG. Granted, that could make any player curious but one player in particular decided to that they just had to know just how much heat some of these characters were packing. You know ... uh, for science.

One Redditor took his love for the World of Warcraft-verse to a much more personal level than it needed to be - but here we are. So let's cut to the chase and dive right into the erection and vaginal talk, because that's what we're all here for.

Leggerless, the Redditor in question, used the same means of measurement that he did with his prior research of Final Fantasy genitalia and applied that our favourite Orc, Blood Elf, and more counterparts. His end of the line reason? He was "bored":


There are a few tables showing the size of erections and vaginal depths of the playable character races in World of Warcraft based upon a few variables within the real world.


Hi, so I'm Leggerless. If you recognize this name... I feel sorry for you already and you should what to expect in reading this.

The heights used for the models in the tables below are taken from the post-Legion changes to the in-game models. This is important to note.

The amount of research that went into this is actually really impressive, he even cites his medical sources and various other means he used to produce this realistic scale. For example, in addition to the tables he used for comparison and detailed findings listed, he had this to say about the erections in-game:

"In this section, we know that the average height for males is 69.7 inches and the average male erection is 5.1 inches (not 5.5); this is used for the base of our calculations.

While penis height doesn't directly correlate to height, it provides an "acceptable" measure for the human males. Races such as the Tauren and Orcs, I used the humanoid measurements for because I don't believe the dimorphism significant enough to affect measurements.

With that in mind, Table 2 shows the percent erection size to height ratio in a percentage for humans, and Table 1 shows the variables involved in calculating the percentages."

He followed it up with contrasting tables to show his comparison date, which can be found here, and then lead into the vaginal talk:

"In this section, the average female height is 64.6 inches and there’s three states of the vagina I’m considering: unaroused, aroused, and stretched (with speculum). I’m also considering a MtF transformation and its depth as well, which is approximately 10 to 12 centimeters. The average male height of 69.7 inches is used for MtF measurements. The specific term used for MtF is called the "Denovillier's fascia."

Please note that there really isn’t a great scientific basis behind a lot of this; it is an assumed correlation between height of the person and depth of the vagina in question. There’s multiple factors involved, which are not assumed in the examples below.

First we insert our values and figure out the percent length of the vaginal depth compared to the height of the average real world person; the results are in Table 6 below. Table 5 is a reference of the variables going into the problem."


More tables, and then the ever helpful conclusion of "Interestingly enough, if you compare the sizes of the erections to the sizes of the vaginal depths, you’ll find the average vaginal depth is actually smaller than the average erection length. Guess that’s why they say bigger isn’t always better."

If you can get over the initial silliness, his data was actually kind of interesting (not that I spend a lot of time thinking about Orc yahoos) and he did provide a detailed list of sources as well. If you've got the time, and your boss isn't looming over your shoulder, we definitely recommend checking out the full post.