WWE Undefeated Reveals First Look at Edge Trailer (Exclusive)

WWE Undefeated is building an impressive roster with a mix of legends like Macho Man Randy Savage [...]

WWE Undefeated is building an impressive roster with a mix of legends like Macho Man Randy Savage and Andre the Giant and current superstars like Roman Reigns and Kofi Kingston. Now they're adding a new superstar to the mix, one who could be considered both a legend and active superstar, and it's none other than the Rated-R Superstar Edge. Edge will become a playable character in WWE Undefeated this Friday, and to get you hyped for Edge joining the roster we've got your exclusive first look at a brand new trailer showing what the superstar can do.

We see Edge hit the ring with his dazzling entrance and then he gets to work on The Undertaker with a three-hit combo. In his second combo Edge lands a big kick to the groin followed by a huge DDT, which you can see in the trailer above.

(Photo: nWay)

Next we see Edge taking on John Cena, and he quickly evades Cena so he can counter with a massive slam to the ground. His most devastating move however is known by all, and that's the spear. For his ultimate attack, Edge charges up and then takes off from the other side of the screen. He then hits full speed and with a flurry of red energy effects spears through his opponent and quickly recovers on the other side.

You can watch Edge in action in the trailer above, and players can add him to their roster starting this Friday!

(Photo: nWay)

For those unfamiliar, WWE Undefeated is a new mobile game that features superstars going head to head on iOS and Android, and is available now. Gameplay blends moment-to-moment action with strategic elements that push you to know your chosen superstar's abilities, and the roster has grown to include Reigns, McIntyre, Undertaker, The Rock, Bray Wyatt, Seth Rollins, Kofi Kingston, Stone Cold, Triple H, Strowman, Andre, Macho Man, and now Edge, and more superstars are coming soon.

You can find the official description for the game below.

"Play the first real-time head-to-head WWE game on your phone. Designed from the ground up for mobile, WWE Undefeated presents quick-session matches that blend fast arcade-style action with strategic depth of a collectible card game. Collect and upgrade wrestling move cards to build up your WWE Superstar's arsenal to dominate your opponents. Experience over-the-top action with outrageous attacks, exaggerated poses, and unbelievable moves. Connect with a stable to share wrestling moves and strategies. Show the world what you've got on your quest for the WWE Championship."

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