Xbox Sale Makes One of the Best Backward Compatible 360 Games Just $2.49

A new Xbox sale has made one of the best Xbox 360 games that is also playable on Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X, just $2.49. The game typically costs $10, so this represents a savings of 75 percent. The only catch is this deal is only available for three more days at the moment of writing this. To couple this deal, the game's successor -- which is appropriately one of the best Xbox One games -- is also 75 percent off, knocking it down from $20 to $4.99. This deal has the same limitations of availability, but if you're reading this before July 3, you can capitalize on both, nabbing Limbo and Inside in the process for a combined $7.50. 

For those that know nothing about either of these games, they both come the way of Danish studio Playdead, a team that has been around since 2006, yet has only released two games. In other words, they are a team that takes its time, but the results speak for themselves. 

The first of these two games is Limbo, a puzzle-platformer from 2010. The game debuted on July 21, 2010, specifically, and was originally published by Microsoft as an Xbox 360 exclusive. The game is commonly listed as one of the best games of all time. The studios' other game, its second game, is also considered one of the greatest games ever made. That game is called Inside, which is a successor to Limbo that was released in 2016. Like its predecessor, it was initially an Xbox exclusive when it released on June 29, 2016, but this time it was via Xbox One. 

While Limbo is an Xbox 360 game, it was brought to Xbox One in 2014. It is playable on every Xbox console, via backward compatibility, minus the original Xbox. Meanwhile, Inside can be played on Xbox, as well as Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X via backward compatibility. 

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