Xbox Fanfest Registration Now Open, Enter For Your Chance To Get Tickets

You might have missed the news a little while back that, along with hosting its special E3 [...]

Xbox Fanfest

You might have missed the news a little while back that, along with hosting its special E3 briefing and three-day event, Microsoft is also introducing a Fanfest. With this, 400 people will be able to check out the best that Microsoft has to offer on June 10 and 11, while another 1,000 will be able to attend the briefing.

Well, here's your chance to take part. The registration website for Fanfest has officially opened up, and you can submit your info for the chance to buy a ticket to attend the event. Keep in mind that registering puts you in the running to purchase a ticket -- it does not guarantee entry into the Fanfest.

Here's how it works. You fill out the information on the official website, complete with an email address where you can receive confirmation. If you're one of the 400 chosen for the event (or 1,000 for the briefing), you'll receive an indication that you're confirmed, along with a link where you can purchase your ticket.

Fanfest tickets are set to go for around $45, and while some folks may scoff at that, keep two things in mind. First off, the money will go to charity; and secondly, you'll get some nice swag for your trouble, including an exclusive Xbox backpack custom made for the event, along with a limited edition Fanfest jersey and a Sea of Thieves 2TB external hard drive for your Xbox, amongst other goods. So you do get something for your money if you end up snagging a ticket.

"Xbox is welcoming even more fans to E3 this year with two fantastic offers," the website reads. "Win a chance to be one of the 400 lucky people to experience Xbox FanFest or win one of 1,000 brand-new Xbox Briefing-Only Fan Tickets! All winners will be able to enjoy the Xbox E3 Briefing in-person on Sunday, June 10 at 1:00 p.m. PT."

Again, the registration page is here, and a lot of people are already turning in registrations to try and get a ticket, so you might want to hurry. We wish you the best of luck!