Xbox Game Bar Update Adds New Features and Improvements

Xbox Game Bar allows players to customize their PC gaming experience. The gaming overlay already gives players access to a number of widget choices, and those options will be seeing a significant increase. Xbox has announced the Game Bar Widget Store, which will allow players to download new widgets from XSplit, Razer, and Corsair, as well as a widget developed specifically for use with Destiny 2. This marks the first game-specific widget available for Game Bar, and should give Destiny 2 players a number of interesting ways to track their progress. What's more, the Destiny 2 Ghost Widget can even track data from the console versions of the game through accounts.

Outside of the Destiny 2 widget, the Game Bar Widget Store's first additions offer players greater control over video mixing, lighting, and more. More information on each of these specific offerings can be found in the link in the Tweet below.

In addition to the new widget store, Xbox has made improvements to Game Bar's functionality. One of these enhancements gives players control over click-through. Players can now decide whether or not mouse clicks over pinned widgets effect the widget, or the actual game. It's a minor change, but one that should make Game Bar far less intrusive. On a similar note, players can also make Game Bar transparent now, so the overlay doesn't obscure the field of vision in a game. According to Microsoft, both of these features were added based on user feedback.

It will be interesting to see if other developers embrace Game Bar the way that Bungie has. The Game Bar Widget Store sounds like a promising way for gamers to make their PC gaming experience more unique to them, and it's not hard to imagine all of the various possibilities that could come about, as a result. As the video game industry continues to expand, players want greater control over their experiences, and it's not difficult to imagine how developers could find a number of different ways to offer just that.

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