Xbox Game Pass Just Became More Expensive for New Subscribers

It looks like Xbox Game Pass just became more expensive for those that are planning to subscribe to the service from here on out. For a prolonged period of time, Microsoft has made Game Pass Ultimate available for only $1 for the first month for those that are looking to give the service a spin. This promotion was always done as a way for Microsoft to bring in more potential Game Pass subscribers at a low barrier of entry. And while many fans have praised this deal in the past, it looks like Microsoft has now done away with it entirely. 

Initially spotted by XGP.xl, Microsoft seems to have now removed this long-running $1 Xbox Game Pass Ultimate deal entirely for new subscribers. Microsoft itself hasn't given a reason behind the end of this promotion, but when visiting the Game Pass website to sign-up for the platform, this $1 deal is no longer mentioned anywhere. Instead, this means that new subscribers for Game Pass would have to pay the standard $14.99 price for their first month rather than getting it at a discounted rate. 

It's worth stressing that this removal of the $1 Xbox Game Pass Ultimate deal might not be a permanent change. In the past, Microsoft has offered certain sales with Game Pass that have only lasted for set periods of time. As such, rather than making this $1 subscription proposition available in perpetuity, perhaps Microsoft is just going to be more selective about when it pushes the deal live.

Although Xbox Game Pass is now technically more expensive for new subs, that might not deter a number of people from signing up for the service in the coming months. In addition to getting MLB The Show 23 this coming week, Game Pass is also slated to get games like Redfall, Starfield, Lies of P, and Ghostwire: Tokyo. All in all, Xbox Game Pass continues to be the best thing about the Xbox ecosystem and even if this $1 offer doesn't come back, it had a good (and long) run.

How do you feel about Microsoft seemingly doing away with this popular Xbox Game Pass deal? And do you think that we'll see this $1 Game Pass Ultimate promotion come back at some point in the future? Be sure to let me know either down in the comments or hit me up on social media at @MooreMan12