Oft-Delayed Xbox One Exclusive Below Will Finally Release This Year

Some Xbox One development studios seem to have a habit of announcing a game, but then taking their sweet time in terms of getting it done. Last year, Cuphead finally released after spending many years in development (though the wait was worth it), and now the focus turns to another game that was announced long ago – Capybara Games’ Below.

This indie title was initially announced back in 2013, set for release on Xbox One and PC. And yet…we never saw it, and a lot of fans were wondering what had happened to it.

Well, now we know – it appears that it’s finally going to find a release. While speaking with Engadget, the creative director behind the project, Kris Piotrwoski, noted that they are finally going to make a release happen, and it should be this year.

He noted that the team is committed to finally finishing the game up, although he did not give a specific month as to when it would be arriving. He didn’t explain why the game was delayed as long as it was, only that its development would be concluding very soon.

Part of the reason may be because the team was hard at work making enhancements for it on Xbox One X. He noted that there will be improvements for those that use that system, including 4K support and 60 frames per second animation.

Now, since there’s not an exact release date, we have to take this information with a grain of salt. But maybe we’ll hear more about it at Microsoft’s pre-E3 presentation in just a few months. After all, that’s what happened last year with Cuphead. It was finally given a release date at E3 2017’s showcase, and, lo and behold, it met it with flying colors.

Fingers crossed that we’ll be able to experience Below as 2018 goes on, just so we can see if it was worth the five-year wait. This is Capybara Games we’re talking about, so it could be very likely.


If you want an idea of just how old this announcement is, you can check out its original debut trailer above.

Below should release sometime this year for Xbox One and PC.