These Two Xbox Games With Gold Titles Will No Longer Be Free After Today

Two new Xbox One Games With Gold titles will soon be available to download. And, consequently, that also means two Games With Gold titles will no longer be available to download after today. More specifically, tomorrow, Microsoft will make Friday the 13th: The Game and Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge available to download for free. The latter is a Xbox 360 game, but is available to play on Xbox One via backwards compatibility. Meanwhile, the former is one of the most popular multiplayer horror games of the generation, which started off a bit rough, but has since been ironed out into quite a great game.

As for the games leaving today, they aren't anything super noteworthy. The Xbox 360 game leaving today is Bolt, while the Xbox One game is We Were Here, a new experience for the Xbox One that is actually quite good, but nobody really seems to be talking about it.

We Were Here is a new game for Xbox One gamers, but has been available on PC since 2017. It's a unique online co-op game that requires constant communication between two players.

"In We Were Here, two players are trapped inside an abandoned castle," reads an official pitch of the game. "Player One is confined to a small secluded part, while Player Two roams the forgotten halls of Castle Rock trying to find Player One. Every room challenges your wits and ability to communicate clearly, using only your voice. There is no other way to communicate with each other, so make sure you have a microphone ready!"

Meanwhile, Bolt released back in 2008, and, well, it's a C-tier movie-tie in game. However, if you're a big fan of the movie or are looking for something for your kid to play, it's not a horrible option.


"Join Penny and her super dog, Bolt, as they travel the globe on a dangerous mission to save Penny's dad from the evil Dr. Calico," reads an official pitch of the game.

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