Murderer Reveals Wife's Location In Exchange For An Xbox

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Back in April 2010, Venus Stewart went missing. A year later, her husband Doug, was found guilty of her murder. At the time, Stewart's body was never located.

But recently, police found and recovered the body of Venus Stewart, after her husband, from prison, bartered his way into an Xbox in exchange for revealing where the body was buried.

According to LADBible, every year authorities would visit Doug in prison, hoping that he would disclose information about where the body was buried so the case could once and for all be shut, and the body returned to Venus Stewart's family. And each year, Doug not only held out, but stood by his claim that he had nothing to do with her disappearance...until there was an Xbox on the line.

(Photo: LADBible)

That's right, Dough finally owned up to the murder, revealing the burial location, which the police easily located. The site was notably marked with two tree stumps that served as landmarks.

"I let them know I didn't want this burden on the family or even selfishly myself," Dough told WWMT-TV. "I didn't want it anymore. It's a horrible pain knowing you're hurting people. Even beyond the crime you committed."

But Doug didn't just get a clear conscience as a reward, he also asked for an Xbox and to be allowed to participate in certain prison programs in return. Whether these latter two things were ultimately the deal cracker, nobody knows but Doug, but it seems to be more the reason than just lifting an eight-year-old burden.


In addition to revealing the location of Venus, Doug also disclosed how he killed her, revealing that he choked her until she was unconscious. Then, he took her to the woods, waited for her to regain consciousness, and then killed and buried her.

It's a grisly tale, and disturbing to think Doug somehow bartered his way into an Xbox, a luxury item most prisoners don't get, at the end of it. But he also was sentenced to a life in prison, so perhaps it all evens out at the end of the day.