New Study Claims Xbox Gamers Are More Toxic Than PlayStation Players

A new study claims Xbox gamers are more likely to be toxic than PlayStation gamers. As you may [...]

A new study claims Xbox gamers are more likely to be toxic than PlayStation gamers. As you may know, gaming online can be a toxic experience. People hate losing, there are trolls, and the anonymous nature of most online gaming experiences means there's no accountability. Gaming online isn't always a horrible experience full of hate. In fact, most times it isn't, but if you've played even a moderate amount of online games -- especially in the era of voice-chat lobbies -- you'll have experienced a fair share of toxicity.

Tapping into this, a new study, comprised with the aid of professional psychologists, administered the Buss Perry Aggression Questionnaire to nearly 1,000 gamers. The data from this survey revealed that Call of Duty and Battlefield players -- by a considerable margin -- are the most likely to be toxic and exercise aggression while playing. In fact, Battlefield players led in the physical aggression, verbal aggression, and anger categories. The only category they didn't lead in was hostility, which was oddly enough led by Minecraft players.

Meanwhile, in the same categories, but organized by platform, Xbox leads in all four, earning them the title of angriest gamers, at least according to the survey. Behind Xbox gamers was PlayStation, PC, and Nintendo Switch gamers in that order.

For more information on the study and its results, be sure to check out the link at the top of the article. In the meanwhile, be sure to also take all of this with a grain of salt. While the findings are interesting, they are far from definitive with that sample size.

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