Xbox Series X Users Prepare to Say Goodbye to Handy Feature

Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One are seemingly losing a very handy feature. According to emerging reports, a recent Xbox insider update removed an Xbox feature with no explanation and no warning, which may suggest it's a bug or an unintended change. Whatever the case, Xbox fans aren't very happy, as it's about to get more tedious to share game clips straight from the console. 

Taking to Twitter, Windows Central journalist Jez Corden relayed word that as of the new Xbox Insider update, the feature to share game clips from Xbox directly to Twitter has been removed. "Guess this confirms it. Sharing game clips from Xbox directly to Twitter is dead," reads the tweet from Corden. "Update today adds some 'icons"'to the mobile sharing option, with the EPIC feature to ... send a notification to your phone. Weak. Nintendo Switch (and I think PlayStation?) does direct sharing. Not a huge deal, but irritating. Adds extra steps for no reason. Removed a feature we've had for years for no reason."

Of course, given the negative feedback this change is garnering, it's possible this will be reverted before it makes its way to the wider Xbox user base. It wouldn't be the first time an Xbox Insiders update made a change only for that change to be rolled back following fan feedback. 

At the moment of publishing, Xbox has offered zero insight into what's going on. Not only has there been no reason or explanation provided, but there's been no comment about the backlash, leaving Xbox fans in the dark on if this change is a mistake or going to be taken back in the future.  That said, if this changes, we will be sure to update the story accordingly.

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