Beware: Xbox Series X Reportedly Has a Console-Breaking Bug

Xbox Series X reportedly has a console-breaking bug, or at least a bug that makes the Xbox Series X 100 percent useless. This week, two days before the PS5, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S released, and according to Microsoft, it's the biggest launch in Xbox history. What makes this achievement so impressive is it happened despite a lack of compelling launch games. While the Xbox Series X is a more superior machine compared to the PS5 from a hardware perspective, on the software front, it's lacking, though this doesn't seem to be hurting the next-gen console and its cheaper, weaker counterpart very much. Nor has it's apparent issues.

Xbox Series X not only has a disc drive issue affecting some early adopters, but apparently, it has a console-crashing bug that more or less renders the console useless. In a Microsoft help thread with nearly 500 replies is a post from a user claiming that their console shuts down when they try and load up any of their games. By itself, a claim like this should be taken with extreme suspicion, but in the aforementioned 500 replies are a smattering of users reporting the same issue, seemingly confirming that this isn't one defective unit but a bug. Meanwhile, adding to these claims is GameSpot, which has also run into the problem.

For now, it's unclear what's causing the problem, but the end result is the same: the Xbox Series X powering off followed by a cold reboot. What's also unclear is how widespread the problem is and whether or not there's any bulletproof solution.

At the moment of publishing, Microsoft hasn't formally addressed these reports, leaving Xbox fans with nothing but speculation as to what's going on. If this changes, we will be sure to update the story with whatever is provided.

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