Why You Should Make Your New Xbox Series X|S Your Home Xbox

If you're a new Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X owner that has owned previous Xbox consoles, you might want to set the next-gen console as the Home Xbox. The reason for this is that only the Home Xbox is capable of playing downloaded games when the console is offline. That might not be an issue under most circumstances, but Xbox Live went offline today, and that means that anyone that didn't make the change was unable to play any digital titles they might own. Xbox Live is already back up and running, but this way players can also avoid future issues.

For those looking to make the changeover, making an Xbox the primary console is a fairly simple process. In order to do so, players must simply open up the settings and go to the "General" menu. Under the personalization option, the console will give the player the opportunity to make the system the Home Xbox. It's that easy, and it allows players to avoid being locked out of the games they want to enjoy on their primary system.

Making this change will be helpful for instances where Xbox Live goes down, but there are other reasons that players might want to make the change, as well; this will also prove beneficial for circumstances where the user's internet provider might encounter issues. While all-digital options like the Xbox Series S have become increasingly popular, there are a lot of gamers that prefer physical releases to digital downloads. Issues such as this one certainly highlight some of the problems that can pop up. Fortunately, this one has a fairly easy fix!

Now that the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X are available in-stores and online, it will be interesting to see how the next-gen systems catch on with gamers. A big part of the appeal of the Xbox line comes from its backwards compatibility, and the massive library of games available from all of the various Xbox consoles. While the Xbox Series X allows players to play those games physically and digitally, the Series S lacks a disc drive, so downloaded games are definitely important to those that purchased the all-digital option!

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