Xbox Smoking: Microsoft Calls Out People Vaping Into Their Xbox Series Xs

Earlier today, a video went viral that appeared to show an Xbox Series X billowing smoke, but it [...]

Earlier today, a video went viral that appeared to show an Xbox Series X billowing smoke, but it seems that the video's creator had actually blown vape smoke into the console to make it appear that something very bad had happened to the next-gen system. The official Xbox Twitter account has weighed in on the video in a rather amusing way, informing new console owners not to blow vape smoke into the system. This is sound advice for all video game consoles, and fans probably shouldn't have to be told not to do so. That said, there truly is a first time for everything!

The Tweet from the official Xbox Twitter account can be found embedded below.

In a follow-up Tweet, the account provided users with a link for any non-vaping related support questions they might have. It remains to be seen whether or not vaping into an Xbox Series X will become a common occurrence online (such as people that licked Nintendo Switch cartridges), or if this is simply a one-time thing. Regardless, it's probably a good thing that Microsoft stepped in, just in case.

The Xbox Series X released yesterday, so fans are just getting the opportunity to take the console out of the box to see how it runs. It stands to reason that a lot of potential buyers for the next-gen system are looking to find out as much information as they can, and a video of the Xbox Series X gasping and dying immediately got a lot of attention for just that reason. It's not uncommon for video game systems to run into some trouble on launch day, but billowing smoke like a chimney is more than a bit unlikely.

For now, Xbox fans can rest assured that their new consoles will not start smoking, provided the user refrains from blowing vape smoke into the console. While it might be a bit late for Microsoft to put that warning on the box of the system, they might want to consider it down the line, just in case!

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