Microsoft Comments on Xbox Series X Supply Issues

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S both released earlier this week, but the next-gen consoles are [...]

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S both released earlier this week, but the next-gen consoles are already proving to be difficult for fans to track down. The official Xbox Support Twitter account has weighed-in on the supply issues, telling fans that they should check-in with their local retailers throughout the coming weeks as the company works to replenish stock. Console shortages are to be expected during any launch window, and the coronavirus pandemic also likely played a role in shortages. For now, fans should try to keep patient and remember that more consoles will be made available in the near future.

The Tweet from Xbox Support can be found embedded below.

Launch windows are always difficult, and fans should keep in mind that consoles tend to be easy to come by within a few months of their release. It might be tempting to pay outrageous prices on the secondary market, but it certainly isn't worth the cost. Fans can save that extra money and spend it on software to enjoy when the system can be found at retail.

According to Microsoft, the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X had the biggest launch in the history of the brand. It will be some time before official sales figures are released, but it seems that fans are quite excited to see what the next-gen systems can do! Of course, the appeal of Xbox All Access could have played a role in that success, as well.

It will be interesting to see how quickly these supply issues end up resolved, and whether or not demand remains high. At the moment, all first-party Xbox Series X games are available on Xbox One. While these games look and perform better on the new hardware, the experience will remain largely the same. As a result, some fans will undoubtedly wait for some of the bigger next-gen releases that will end up on the platform.

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