New Xbox Series X Exclusive Potentially Revealed by Insider

A new exclusive game for Xbox Series X and S seems to have been revealed by a notable video game industry insider. Specifically, this new exclusive title in question happens to be a sequel to a popular game that came to Xbox One in the previous console generation. And while we currently don't know very much about the project in question, it sounds like we could end up hearing more about it sooner rather than later if these rumors prove to be true. 

According to Nick Baker, who has been a consistent source of insider information with a number of upcoming video games, Xbox Game Studios is currently in the process of working on a sequel to Killer Instinct, the Xbox-exclusive fighting game which first launched in 2013. Although Baker doesn't have a whole lot of information about this Killer Instinct follow-up, he has been told that it's being worked on right now. "What I've been told is that yes, Killer Instinct is in active development," Baker said on the latest episode of the XboxEra Podcast. "It's not just 'coming back', it's in active development at the moment."

When it came to finer details on this new Killer Instinct title, Baker said that he still didn't know a whole lot. Specifically, he said that he's still trying to figure out who could be developing it. "For anyone asking me, I don't know the studio. I am trying to find out the studio," he went on to say. Baker did note, however, that he doesn't believe that Double Helix Games or Iron Galaxy are the ones working on the project. For reference, both Double Helix and Iron Galaxy previously worked on Killer Instinct on Xbox One over the course of its life cycle between 2013 and 2016.

Per usual with stories of this nature, be sure to take everything that has been expressed by Baker with a grain of salt. Even though he does have a good track record with leaks of this nature, it's hard to know for certain if we'll see a new Killer Instinct game until Xbox makes the news official. 

Still, how do you feel about Killer Instinct potentially receiving a sequel on Xbox Series X and S? Let me know all of your thoughts either down in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12.