Xbox Series X Survey Asks if Users Want the PS5 DualSense's Features

Microsoft has been sending out surveys to Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S owners that specifically [...]

Microsoft has been sending out surveys to Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S owners that specifically mentions the new PlayStation 5 DualSense controller. It asks users if they are aware of the features that came included in the DualSense controller and also if the users would like to see those features included in Xbox controllers that shipped with the new consoles. The same survey addresses other topics as well like about the overall appeal of the new consoles is prominent enough and if the devices feel "next gen."

TechRadar reported on the survey with screenshots of the questionnaire that asked various questions about the new consoles. Only one question shown referenced the DualSense not by name but rather as "PlayStation controllers."

"I am aware of features on PlayStation controllers that I wish were on the controller that came with this console," the question read above selections that allowed users to indicate how strongly they agree or disagree with the statement.

Between the two controllers, the DualSense indeed shipped with more new features than the next-gen Xbox controller. It's got haptic feedback for one which generates vibrations differently depending on the context of the game being played and also comes with adaptive triggers that create resistance again based on in-game events.

The DualSense is overall a much bigger departure from past PlayStation controllers with the design itself moving more towards the shape of an Xbox controller. Microsoft's new Xbox controllers by comparison are much more in line with the older versions of the controller, a design reflected in other decisions regarding the new consoles that help bridge the gap between generations instead of making it seem like a great leap.

Microsoft's new Xbox controllers have changed in their own right though by standardizing some of the improvements featured previously on the Xbox Elite Controllers, and it's got a share button that makes capturing and sharing content a simple process. While the consoles themselves are an immense improvement over the past generation in terms of power and speed, some have expressed that the new Xbox devices don't feel next gen enough because of the similarities of the controllers, interface, and playable libraries of games.

Those who do feel that way or perhaps feel differently about the consoles or the controllers can look for the survey in question to potentially be sent to them so they can voice their opinions accordingly.