Xbox UI Update Released Ahead of Xbox Series X Release

The Xbox brand is going for a unified approach this console generation, and that even extends to the user interface. With less than a month to go until the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S debut, Microsoft has released a new update for the Xbox One, giving it the same UI fans can expect to see when the new consoles arrive. It's a fairly sleek look, and it's accompanied by a number of other updates, including new language support, profile themes, improvements to the overall system performance, and more. For those counting down the days until Xbox Series X/S release on November 10th, this should be an exciting glimpse at things to come!

In addition to the new look, the system's UI is apparently faster, as well. While this is great for current Xbox users, it's also an encouraging sign for the Xbox Series X. Speed and shorter load times are going to be a big draw in the next console generation, so this could be just the tip of the iceberg! For those that are planning on jumping from the Xbox One to the Xbox Series X/S, this also gives those users a chance to get used to the intricacies of the new UI before release date.

Xbox's unified approach this console generation is quite different from Sony's plan for the PS5. While first-party games will look sharper and run smoother on the Xbox Series X, they'll still appear on Xbox One, giving players that aren't ready to upgrade a chance to experience the same games. Xbox boss Phil Spencer has decried the concept of next-gen exclusive games, and this approach should give players a bit more freedom. With even the UI the same between the Xbox consoles, it seems that every Xbox user will have a unified experience, no matter which system they choose to play on!

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