xQc Stream Ends Abruptly After Twitch Star Forgets to Pay His Electric Bill

Felix 'xQc' Lengyel is the most popular Twitch streamer in the world, who is now at the top of [...]

Felix "xQc" Lengyel is the most popular Twitch streamer in the world, who is now at the top of Reddit's Livestream Fails page after his 18-hour stream came to an abrupt end because the Canadian star forgot to pay his electric bill. Yes, while streaming GTA Online RP, xQc's stream cut to black, and it's because he forgot to pay his bills.

As you would expect, when the stream cut, there was concern in the chat about what happened, plus plenty of fans spamming everything from "F" and "RIP" to "Way Too Dank." That said, not long after this happened, xQc took to Twitter to clarify what went wrong.

"Forgot to pay the electricity bill," said the streamer. Power went down, stream did too. Will be back on later today or tomorrow. Ups and downs last stream, but overall good!"

Of course, it's easy to miss payments on bills, especially when you don't have autopay. That said, xQc does have autopay. That wasn't the issue. The issue was his credit card was at its limit, and not because he spends an absurd amount with it, but because he's had the same card since he was a teenager, and thus it has a pretty small limit.

As you would expect, many have taken the opportunity to dunk on the millionaire streamer, because, well that's just what the internet does. But again, it's not that uncommon. In the replies, fellow top streamer Alinity revealed the same thing has happened to her.

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