Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel Is Shutting Down

Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel, one of Konami's many Yu-Gi-Oh! games that's playable right now, will be shut down later this year. Konami announced the decision to terminate Cross Duel this week and said that the game's service will come to an end on September 4th which will mean that by the time the game shuts down, it'll have been out for just over a year since it launched in July 2022. While that'll be disappointing news for those who are still playing, the good news is that you'll be getting increased rewards throughout the remainder of the game's life.

Konami laid out the plans for the end of the game this week in regards to things like the sale of in-game currencies as well as a few more dates on the game's upcoming schedule to look forward to. Since the game's shutdown has now been set for September 4th, Konami has gone ahead and ended all sales of "Crystals" in the game.

But what about the Crystals players already had that are now just sitting there waiting to expire? Konami did provide details about refunding unused Crystals, but it seems that policy is only applicable to players in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan based on what's said in the announcement post about the game's end. For all players elsewhere, you'll seemingly just have to spend your Crystals in-game while the game lasts.

As for the limited future of the game, April 4th will bring the next event to look forward to with the start of a Yu-Gi-Oh Sevens single-player event. After that, there will be a new raid event starting on April 13th. Both events will bring about new cards that'll be added to the game, and between and after these events, players should notice more rewards for logging in and via intermittent gifts.

"In addition, we will increase the amount of rewards such as gifts and login bonuses so that players may continue to enjoy the game until the service ends," Konami said. "Further details will be updated on the application and official webpage."

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links will come to an end on September 4th.