McFarlane Toys Launches the RAW10 Robot Monster Line

McFarlane Toys has been focused on licenses like DC Multiverse, Cyberpunk 2077, Warhammer 40,000 [...]

McFarToys_Raw10_Cygor LG Set

McFarlane Toys has been focused on licenses like DC Multiverse, Cyberpunk 2077, Warhammer 40,000 lately, but Todd McFarlane is looking to get back into the creatures and monsters game with the new RAW10 lineup. These abominations are part-beast and part-machine - the result of unholy experiments in the Robotic Animal Weapon (RAW) labs. Naturally, they have run amok and are terrorizing the remaining humans on a post-apocalyptic Earth.

The first four figures in the wave are Cy-Gor (a new take on McFarlane's classic robo gorilla), Fren-Z (robo shark), Battlesnake (robo cobra / rattlesnake hybrid) and Raptar, which is a robot Velociraptor. So, in addition to the ruined planet and giant robo beasts of the RAW10 universe, the dinosaurs are back. The dinosaurs are also robots. This version of Earth is screwed.

McFarToys_Raw10_Sm Set_Raptar

Below you'll find the official descriptions for each of the RAW10 figures. The full range is expected to go live here at Walmart (exclusive) at some point today, July 22nd, with large sets priced at $19.99 and small sets priced at $9.99. Each figure comes with a mini comic poster as a bonus. Apparently, a RAW10 monthly comic series is on the horizon as well, so we can look forward to finding out exactly what is going on in this brutal universe and how the remaining humans can survive it. On a side note, 1000 Spawn figures signed by Todd McFarlane will be available to order here at Walmart starting on August 7th - so mark your calendar for that.

"CY-GOR is the pinnacle of the Robotic Animal Weapon (RAW) labs' science. He is the perfect combination of beast and machine. Designed as a test subject for RAW's newest cybernetic enhancements, CY-GOR exceeded his potential to become RAW's greatest success. His brute strength is augmented with metallic muscles and his intellect, instincts and reflexes are perfectly-tuned with his built-in combat matrix. He was created to be a next-gen warrior. Now, the perfect weapon is on the loose and out of control."

McFarToysRAW10_CYGOR Poster (003)

"FREN-Z is the king of the ocean—every ocean. He is a mix of robotics and the DNA of a Great White Shark combined with the prehistoric Megalodon Super Shark for extra terror. FREN-Z was created to be the prototype for a new breed of aquatic weaponry. But the dangerous minds at the Robotic Animal Warrior (RAW) labs did their job too well, and FREN-Z escaped. Now he stalks the oceans, an unstoppable hunter—part-shark, part-machine, all-deadly."


"BATTLESNAKE is the product of mad science. Fusing reptile DNA with radical cyber-technology and self-powered Ion Core Energy systems, the engineers in the top-secret Robotic Animal Warrior (RAW) labs created a true monster. Possessing genius-level intelligence and futuristic combat programming, BATTLESNAKE can hypnotize his prey before striking with his piercing "techno fangs." His super-steel underbelly and reinforced hood protect him from attacks, and his sinister mind makes him a threat to all living things."

"RAPTAR, and his wicked velociraptor brothers, were created in the top-secret Robotic Animal Warrior (RAW) labs. Combining ancient dinosaur DNA with advanced cybernetic machinery, the mad scientists in charge of RAW labs wanted to create the ultimate hunting party. The result was a trio of vicious beasts led by RAPTAR. Using linked intelligence coding, the brothers hunt as one, taking their commands from RAPTAR, and are capable of hunting any target over any terrain. Alone they are dangerous. Together, they are unstoppable. "

The official description for the lineup reads:

"In the near future, the worlds of Super-Science and Primal Savagery have merged. Hidden away from prying eyes, the secret laboratories of RAW10 have created powerful warriors: part beast, part machine! But some have rebelled against their creator and have chosen to fight on the side of Humanity! Who will prove to be the strongest!"

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