Star Wars: The Mandalorian Monopoly Has Launched

Yesterday, Disney launched an enormous wave of products celebrating the upcoming second season of [...]


Yesterday, Disney launched an enormous wave of products celebrating the upcoming second season of their hit Disney+ series Star Wars: The Mandalorian (debuts on October 30th). One of these products was a full blown The Mandalorian edition of Monopoly (not to be confused with the Baby Yoda edition), which was originally slated to arrive on October 1st. However, it seems as though Amazon has a pre-release window that you can take advantage of right now.

Indeed, Monopoly: Star Wars The Mandalorian Edition Board Game is shipping right now here on Amazon for $39.99. In this version of the game, your goal is to protect The Child (aka Baby Yoda) from Imperial enemies. You can play as The Mandalorian, Cara Dune, IG-11, or Kuiil - each with their own unique special ability. This ability plus The Child's ability can be utilized when you pass or land on The Child's space.

The player with the most Imperial credits wins, but if Imperial enemy gets The Child, the game's over for everyone. That said, the game includes an Incinerator Stormtrooper, Death Trooper, and Moff Gideon enemy tokens that can "change gameplay and lead to battles".

Star Wars: The Mandalorian Monopoly is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the tidal wave of merch that was released yesterday as part of Disneys new Mando Mondays program. Head on over to our master list to browse it all.


In other Disney Monopoly news, Ravensburger's Disney Villainous board game is fantastic, but if you prefer something a bit more familiar, the basic concept behind the game is now available in Monopoly form. Indeed, in Disney Villains Monopoly, you are encouraged to be ruthless and terrible. It's all about "classic Disney villains stealing, scheming, and competing to see who is the most evil of all" - and if you mock the losers or flip the table in anger, well, that just means you're being true to your character.

In Disney Villains Monopoly, you'll play as Cruella, Jafar, Scar, Evil Queen, Maleficent, or Hook. Each character has a Power Card that outlines a special ability, and it can be activated when you pass GO and place the Flames of Power ring on your token. The game also includes Poison Apple cards that give players a special advantage, like the ability to steal coins and properties, and place free Thickets. Players must buy and sell Villain Contracts instead of locations, and the more villains a player hires, the more rent they can collect.

Monopoly: Disney Villains Edition is available to order here on Amazon for $29.99. A listing is also live here at Walmart but the game was sold out (or inactive) at the time of writing. You can check out Ravensburger's Disney Villainous game here on Amazon for $34.97 (the listing includes links to the game's expansions).

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