Baby Yoda The Mandalorian Monopoly Edition Board Game is Here


Star Wars Day 2020 (aka May the Fourth) is actually taking place over the course of several days as far as new Star Wars merch is concerned. If you're a fan of The Child (aka Baby Yoda) from the Disney+ Star Wars series The Mandalorian, the party got started especially early with the release of the second wave of Baby Yoda Funko Pops yesterday. Today, the celebration continues with the release of Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child edition of Monopoly (not to mention a TON of Hasbro Star Wars toys).

According to the description, this special edition of Monopoly will allow you to move around the gameboard as Baby Yoda, where you will buy and sell Hideouts and Common Houses, and follow the actions on the Camtono cards and Bounty Puck cards. So it would seem that the game is largely the same as the standard Monopoly, only a lot cuter.

Pre-orders for The Child / Baby Yoda Monopoly are live here at Entertainment Earth and here on Amazon for $19.99. The game Includes a board, 4 cardboard tokens with pawn stands, 18 Title Deed cards, 16 Bounty Puck cards, 16 Camtono cards, 32 plastic hideouts, 12 plastic common houses, 12 dice, money pack, and a game guide.

The Mandalorian Baby Yoda edition of Monopoly follows the announcement of similarly themed Operation and Trouble board games earlier this year. Die-hard Baby Yoda fans can keep tabs on the status of some of the hottest toys right here.

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