Toy Fair: G.I. Joe's Scarlett and Baroness Get Stylish Limited Edition Statues

New York Toy Fair kicked off to pretty great fanfare last weekend, showcasing the latest and [...]

New York Toy Fair kicked off to pretty great fanfare last weekend, showcasing the latest and greatest collectibles that are set to arrive in the coming months. Quite a lot of those are set to be new statues, which provide a pretty epic replica of fans' favorite characters. If you're a G.I. Joe fan, that's definitely the case, as Kotobukiya has unveiled two epic new Bishoujo statues for some of the franchise's female characters. The company revealed the first look at their limited-edition statues for Baroness and Scarlett, which show both characters in blue variations of their costumes.

Scarlett's costume is given a color palette of sky blue and silver, while Baroness is portrayed in royal blue and yellow. A release date for these statues has not been officially announced.

The statues come as Scarlett and Baroness are expected to head to the big screen very soon, with both characters having a role in the upcoming Snake Eyes spinoff film. Samara Weaving (Ready or Not, Bill and Ted Face the Music) will be portraying Scarlett, while Ursula Corbero (La casa de papel, Snatch) will be playing Baroness. Snake Eyes, which will be a sort of reboot of the G.I. Joe film world, will star Henry Golding as the titular masked assassin.

"We have an authenticity to this. Which no one will have ever seen in a G.I. Joe franchise ever." Golding told MTV News in a previous interview. "The amount of physical stunts that we do outweigh that of any of the CGI. Generally speaking, it's all physical stunts."

The film also stars Iko Uwais (The Raid) as Hard Master, and Andrew Koji (Warrior) as Storm Shadow, and Steve Allerick as Snake Eyes' father. Haruka Abe (Emerald City) has been cast in a currently-unknown role.

What do you think of these Scarlett and Baroness statues? Would you want to add them to your collection? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!