Netflix to Do a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Episode of 'Black Mirror'

If you've ever wanted the power to decide how your favorite television show ends, you will soon have that chance. Netflix is planning a choose-your-own-adventure for an upcoming episode of Black Mirror.

According to a report from Bloomberg, the streaming giant will air an episode of the dystopian anthology series' upcoming fifth season in which viewers will get to choose their own storylines, thus directing how the episode will ultimately play out. The report states that this interactive episode will be released before the end of the year, matching the expected release of Black Mirror's fifth season in December.

The report went on to note that while Netflix already has some interactive offerings -- namely the children's adventure animated movie Puss in Book -- the Black Mirror episode will be the first of several planned experiments with live-action interactive programming. No other details about the episode were revealed, though the report did indicate that the story options viewers will be able to select for the Black Mirror episode will be "more complex" than the sort of options in kids' programming.


The idea of an interactive Black Mirror episode is a compelling one, especially considering that the series itself explores the intersection of technology and society as well as its implications, many of which reveal the dark, nightmarish side of the conveniences of our modern world. And interactive television shows may be an entertainment trend towards the future. Earlier this year, HBO released their own interactive program. Mosaic, a six-part murder mystery by Steven Soderbergh was released with interactive options on the HBO app though in that program viewer choice only impacted what perspective the story was told from, not the actual plot.

Black Mirror Season 5 is set to release on Netflix sometime in December 2018. All 19 current episodes of the anthology series are now streaming.