New 'Hellboy' Posters Revealed Before Trailer 2's Arrival

Hellboy creator Mike Mignola is excited for fans to get a look at the second Hellboy reboot movie trailer, and he's making sure to let everyone know that the Hellboy trailer 2 will be dropping at midnight tonight!

Mignola's trailer tease comes with the reveal of the new Hellboy poster above, which gives us a polished close-up of what Stranger Things star David Harbour looks like in his Hellboy makeup. We also get a good look at his iconic weapon, The Good Samaritan - in the most phallic way possible, of course. The tagline, "Give Evil Hell" is also pretty clever, helping to cement this one-sheet as something that Hellboy fans would be proud to hang on their wall.

As Mignola himself put it recently, this new vision of Hellboy is much more comics accurate:

“In the del Toro films, Hellboy is kind of penned up, and kept secret, and that is not what we have here [in the upcoming film]. This is truer to the comic, in that Hellboy’s been out in the world. He’s not a top-secret, hidden away guy. He’s an out-there-in-the-world, functioning, working adult.

So you’ve got that working stiff, been there, done that vibe with Harbour, that you just couldn’t have with Ron because it was played so differently. [With Harbour’s Hellboy] there’s a little bit more angsty, find-your-place-in-the-world, a frustration with his role.”

The Hellboy creator is equally excited about having a fresh take on the character, with The Descent's Neil Marshall directing this reboot. Here's what he told a crowd of fans at New York Comic-Con:

"Early on there was some idea of continuing the storyline that del Toro had started but would that be fair to a new director? So we decided to just start over. Neil is a horror director, so the idea then was to make a darker film. If you are going to use a guy, let him do what he does best. So we went through the script taking out the del Toro-isms and in some ways go out of our way to make sure we are doing a different Hellboy with its own distinct character [as a project] but still adhering to the comics."

The gifts don't stop with a new Hellboy poster and a trailer that will soon be dropping; as you can see below, the official Hellboy Twitter account put out a new one-sheet of its own:

Hellboy hits theaters on April 12th.



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