William Gibson's Alien 3 Script Being Released as Novel This Summer

After previously being released in comic book form, the unproduced script for Alien 3 by William Gibson will be released this summer as a novel. Given how acclaimed the first two entries into the Alien franchise were, expectations were immensely high for the third entry, but due to a number of behind-the-scenes creative conflicts, even director David Fincher has distanced himself from the endeavor, leading fans to wonder what could have happened if that third installment took on a different form. The new novel is based on Gibson's original script as adapted by author Pat Cadigan. Alien - Alien 3: The Unproduced Screenplay by William Gibson is set to hit shelves on August 31st.

Titan Books describes their new release, "William Gibson's never-before-adapted screenplay for the direct sequel to Aliens, revealing the fates of Ripley, Newt, the synthetic Bishop, and Corporal Hicks. When the Colonial Marines vessel Sulaco docks with space station and military installation Anchorpoint, a new form of xenomorph appears. Written by Hugo Award-winning novelist and 'Queen of Cyberpunk' Pat Cadigan, based on Gibson's never-produced first draft.

"The Sulaco — on its return journey from LV-426 — enters a sector controlled by the 'Union of Progressive Peoples,' a nation-state engaged in an ongoing cold war and arms race. U.P.P. personnel board the Sulaco and find hypersleep tubes with Ripley, Newt, and an injured Hicks. A 'facehugger' attacks the lead commando, and the others narrowly escape, taking what remains of Bishop with them.

alien 3 book novel cover
(Photo: Titan Books)

"The Sulaco continues to Anchorpoint, a space station and military installation the size of a small moon, where it falls under control of the military's Weapons Division. Boarding the Sulaco, a team of Colonial Marines and scientists is assaulted by a pair of xenomorph drones. In the fight Ripley's cryotube is badly damaged. It's taken aboard Anchorpoint, where Ripley is kept comatose. Newt and an injured Corporal Hicks are awakened, and Newt is sent to Gateway Station on the way to Earth. The U.P.P. sends Bishop to Anchorpoint, where Hicks begins to hear rumors of experimentation — the cloning and genetic modification of xenomorphs."

The last official entry into the series came in 2017 with Alien: Covenant, while Disney is developing a new Alien TV series, which is reported to focus less on mere games of cat and mouse with the monstrous beast.


Alien - Alien 3: The Unproduced Screenplay by William Gibson is set to hit shelves on August 31st.

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