Possible 'Alien: Covenant' Sequel Details Emerge

Since the release of Alien: Covenant last spring, fans have wondered if a new sequel will ever come together, given that film's underwhelming critical and financial performance. While fans continue to await details about the film, a new report from Empire may have confirmed what a follow-up adventure, Alien: Awakening, would explore.

The publisher is releasing an Empire Classics Alien Special which details what John Logan's script for the film explored, revealing, "Logan's script would have seen the return of Prometheus' engineers, with that species' survivors coming after the genocidal David. Setting-wise, Scott said it was obvious, 'We're gonna actually go to the planet.' By which we assume he means LV-426."

Based on these details from Logan's script, who wrote Covenant, the new story would likely have finally bridged the gap between Prometheus to the events of the original Alien, which has arguably been one of the more frustrating components of these new films in the series.

Upon the announcement that Scott would be directing Prometheus, which fans knew was an Alien prequel, excitement was incredibly high, as it was his first return to the franchise since directing 1979's Alien. The series had stagnated in recent years, as it began delivering audiences more redundant storylines with each sequel.

Rather than focusing on the iconic xenomorphs, Scott focused instead on the dangers of artificial intelligence, which was also featured in the original films. However, the lack of the traditional survival horror elements of the films that came before it left some audiences frustrated.

With Alien: Covenant, early footage confirmed a stronger emphasis on the xenomorph, with some fans thinking this would course-correct the franchise back in the direction they had hoped for with its predecessor. The film still didn't appease all audiences, as it struggled to find the right blend of the artificial intelligence dangers and the monstrous extraterrestrial.

As if the poor response to the film didn't complicate the franchise's future enough, Disney is in the process of purchasing a majority of 20th Century Fox's assets, which includes the Alien franchise. Understandably, once Disney officially owns the franchise, we doubt the studio would rush to deliver an R-rated horror film.

"It looks to me that the Fox deal is certainly going to go ahead with Disney, and I've been with Fox for a number years now," Scott previously shared with Digital Spy. "I'm hoping I'll still probably be there so whether or not they go ahead with such a dark subject, being Disney, as aliens remains to be seen."

Stay tuned for details on the future of the Alien franchise.

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