'Legion' Creator Hoped to Make an 'Alien' TV Series

In 2014, Noah Hawley accomplished a nearly impossible task by taking the premise of the Coen [...]

In 2014, Noah Hawley accomplished a nearly impossible task by taking the premise of the Coen Brothers' Fargo and adapting it into a TV series that captured the tone of the source material without merely recreating that film. The series was such a success that it earned two more seasons, while Hawley continued to collaborate with the FX network to bring the Marvel series Legion to life. While his successes on the small screen would lead one to believe that Hawley had the keys to the FX kingdom, a recent report from Deadline confirms that he was denied his attempt to craft an Alien miniseries.

The outlet offers little insight into what the project would have looked like, but noted that 20th Century Fox film chief Stacey Snider had shut down Hawley's attempts to create the miniseries. The site also noted that Snider denied an opportunity to develop a new project in The Omen franchise, yet doesn't specify what this project would have been.

This news was reported in relation to Disney's recent acquisition of 21st Century Fox's most iconic properties, which includes the Alien franchise. Given the violent nature of the iconic series, the future didn't look bright for Alien, yet it's possible this merger could bode well, as Snider might no longer be preventing Hawley from moving forward with such a project.

Last month, reports emerged that there were two live-action TV series being developed within the Alien franchise, with original director Ridley Scott reportedly serving as an executive producer on one for Hulu. The other series is reportedly being developed for TNT and would focus on androids as opposed to the iconic xenomorph.

Between the disappointing box office performance of Alien: Covenant and Disney's ownership of the property seemingly casting doubt on the potential of another R-rated feature film entry, fans have been worried about whether the series had run its course for the foreseeable future. While it still might be a while before we get a new film, bringing the sci-fi series to the small screen could be the perfect way to continue the mythology in ways that please both the studio and fans.

Stay tuned for details on the future of the Alien series.

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