American Horror Story Creator Says Franchise Is Expanding, Asks for Fan Input About Future Stories

In case it wasn't already clear that FX is betting big on the American Horror Story franchise, let's break down the recent developments. The upcoming tenth season, AHS: Double Feature, will have two seasons worth of stories. Furthermore the show has already been renewed through season thirteen with the anthology spin-off American Horror Stories in development for the FX on Hulu programming section. Apparently though, that's not all. Series co-creator Ryan Murphy took to social media today to announce "The AMERICAN HORROR STORY universe is expanding," offering fans of the series six potential stories that they could choose from to see more of in the world of AHS.

Included in Murphy's list were: Aliens, Christmas Horror, Bloody Mary, Piggy Man, Sirens, and the Plague. As viewers of the series will know, some of these topics have been covered in the series and one was actually an original creation. "Aliens" played a pivotal role in the second season, AHS: Asylum, which also had one of the only Christmas themed episodes of the entire series. The Bloody Mary urban legend hasn't been done explicitly but interpretations of it have popped up with original characters. Neither sirens nor the plague have played roles in the series so far (though a case could be made that AHS: Apocalypse used it some).

Notably on the list however is "Piggy Man," a figure that goes back to the first season of the series and later appeared as one of the ghostly antagonists seen in season six, AHS: Roanoke. The primary back story is that the ghost deserted the lost colony only to be punished for stealing food from them later, with his punishment being a pig head placed on his own, a pig tail nailed into his body, and then tied up and roasted, like a pig. The variant heard of in the first season is more akin to Bloody Mary but still has direct ties to the one seen in Roanoke.

One way that Murphy and company could expand on his story in the AHS realm is showing how the legend of the original Piggy Man spread through whispers and games of telephone, morphing into new an unique stories that take a life of their own.

Which of these six concepts do you want to see be given the spotlight in the American Horror Story franchise? Sound off in the comments below with your thoughts!