'American Horror Story' Season 8 Rumored to Take Place in 2032, Bring Back Dylan McDermott

American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy has already teased that the next season of the popular show will be set during the "future," yet it was unclear how far into the future he meant. Recent reports claim that the series will jump ahead to 2032 and will potentially feature the return of Seasons 1 and 2 star Dylan McDermott.

american horror story future season 8

In the tweet above, AHS Central reported, "According to a source AHS8 is titled 'Radioactive,' and set in 2032 Arizona after a Nuclear blast. Dylan McDermott, Denis O’Hare, Adina Porter and Eddie Cibran are set to appear."

In addition to McDermott reportedly returning, series regulars O'Hare and Porter would also star in the new season. Murphy had previously confirmed that Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, and Kathy Bates are all slated to star in Season 8.

“Kathy and Sarah Paulson have a lot of great stuff to get to do,” Murphy shared with Entertainment Weekly. He added, “So, with Evan Peters, the three of them are the leads this year.”

Murphy also addressed the rumor about the film's title and theme and, while he didn't refute it completely, teased it was at least one concept he had been toying with.

“I heard about that rumor. Well, that’s based on a fact that we’ve cleared a lot of titles for that show," Murphy shared. "It’s an interesting idea. I can neither confirm nor deny.”

Were McDermott to return, who has been absent from the series after Season 2, it would confirm a theory that has been floating around since the actor's seemingly vague tweet had a correlation to comments made by Murphy.

When a fan asked him when he would be returning to the series, McDermott said, "In the near future...," a response he shared shortly after Murphy confirmed the series would take place in the future.

The concept of a nuclear fallout could result in some extreme facial prosthetics, which would also tie into Murphy's previous tease that Paulson would wear dental appliances.

"Sarah Paulson is very excited about the dental appliances she will be wearing on the show," Murphy shared with Entertainment Weekly.

Many had thought this could mean the upcoming season would focus on vampires, but the nuclear aspect also seems likely with all these factors coming together.

Season 8 of American Horror Story is set to debut this fall.


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