New Monthly Blumhouse Horror Series Coming to Hulu

From series like Stranger Things to Hemlock Grove, streaming services are developing more and more original horror series to deliver audiences, with Hulu bringing the talents of Blumhouse Productions into the fold for a new monthly project. The all-new project, Into the Dark, will debut its first installment on October 5th.

The format of the series will allow for all-new standalone "episodes" that are essentially feature-length movies. In that regard, it would appear as though Blumhouse will be delivering fans all-new movies every month without the necessity of having watched previous entries.

The first installment, "The Body," will chronicle "a sophisticated, overconfident hitman who always carries out his work in style. He decides to take things even further one day by transporting his latest victim in plain sight, correctly assuming that self-absorbed LA partiers will simply be enamored with his elaborate 'costume.' Eventually, as his window of opportunity to dispose of the body begins to close, Wilkes' true colors reveal themselves to some groupies that have latched on to him. It becomes a battle of will and wits."

Another running theme throughout the series will be the monthly installments incorporating elements from that month's major holiday, with "The Body" featuring elements of Halloween while the next chapter, "Flesh & Blood," will likely involve elements of Thanksgiving. November 2nd's installment stars Dermot Mulroney as "Henry, a doting father trying to help his daughter, Kimberly, a teenager suffering from agoraphobia who has not left the house since her mother's still-unsolved murder."

Thanks in due part to Into the Dark, this could end up being one of the biggest years Blumhouse Studios has had so far. Back in March, the studio was the focus of much attention thanks to their production Get Out earning Golden Globe and Academy Award nominations, with writer/director Jordan Peele scoring the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.

In July, The First Purge lands in theaters, offering audiences a prequel to the popular franchise, while a TV series based on The Purge is also slated to debut this year.

In October, Blumhouse's Halloween sequel brings together two of the film's original stars while also recruiting original director to serve as the executive producer in the highly-anticipated revival of the franchise.

The First Purge hits theaters on July 4th, the new Halloween opens on October 19th, and Into the Dark debuts on October 5th.


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