Chapelwaite Star Emily Hampshire Feels Hopeful About a Second Season

Schitt's Creek and 12 Monkeys alum Emily Hampshire was most recently seen in Chapelwaite, a new Epix series featuring Adrien Brody based on Stephen King's short story, Jerusalem's Lot. The show's first season came to an end in October, and fans are hungry for more. This week, had the chance to chat with Hampshire about her new partnership with Jim Beam. During the interview, we asked if Chapelwaite will be getting a second season, and the star seemed hopeful. 

"There hasn't been," Hampshire said when asked if there's been news of a second season. "There's been talk of people wanting one. It was always intended to be a limited series." She added, "But I think it, in a good way, did really well for the network, for Epix, and people seem to really love it. So there actually has been talks about that now, and I know this because there's a painting in the show that I wanted, and I said, 'When the show's over can I have it?' And then I was following up on that and they were like, 'Let's just be sure we're not going for another season. We'll get back to you.'" She continued, "And I'm into it. I love those people. I love, the Filardi Brothers who wrote it were so fun. And vampires." 

Chapelwaite isn't Hampshire's first foray into horror. The actor's very first professional acting gig was actually on Are You Afraid of the Dark? in the '90s.  

"It is true," Hampshire replied when asked if Are You Afraid of the Dark? was her first professional acting job. "And it's also true that I did another episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark?. In the first episode I did I think I was "Girlfriend #1," and then they asked me to do another episode and I think I was "Mean Girlfriend." So I didn't realize at the time it was a demotion. I thought they just liked to work with me, but yes, there is some Are You Afraid of the Dark? footage. And it's so weird because I grew up in Canada and all the actors I know started on Are You Afraid of the Dark? or Degrassi, and you don't realize that it was a big thing in America, too."

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Stay tuned for more from our interview with Emily Hampshire where she talks about the Schitt's Creek group chat, her first comic-con, and which superhero she'd like to play.