'Child's Play' Reboot Teases Mark Hamill's Chucky Laugh

The killer doll Chucky debuted in Child's Play in 1988, with his murderous mayhem immediately connecting with horror audiences and earning himself multiple sequels. Actor Brad Dourif voiced the character, who followed in the footsteps of a character like A Nightmare on Elm Street's Freddy Krueger in the ways humor was blended with horror. A reboot of the series is on the way, which sees actor Mark Hamill taking on the role of the killer doll, hopefully creating an iconic performance that rivals that of Dourif's. As we wait to get our first look at footage featuring Hamill's performance, the Child's Play Instagram account teased the killer's laugh, as heard in the above video.

In the original film, Dourif played the murderous Charles Lee Ray who, after a fatal encounter with police officers, used his final moments on Earth to perform a voodoo ritual which transferred his spirit into the body of a pint-sized doll. When an unsuspecting mother purchased the toy for her son, the murderer, calling himself "Chucky," is able to continue his rampage.

Dourif has voiced the doll in all seven chapters of the saga, with this reboot being the first time a new actor is taking over the role. While Hamill's talents will offer a slightly different experience, co-star of this new film Aubrey Plaza promised that the reboot will honor the original in other ways.

“Buckle up. I love it so much. To me, the original is an iconic movie. I haven’t seen our film, just the trailer, but it’s a real throwback horror movie,” Plaza shared with The Hollywood Reporter. “It’s almost got a Spielbergian vibe to it. The reason I did it was for how beautiful the script was. It doesn’t feel like a hokey, shticky, campy movie. If you remember the original Child’s Play, it was a drama! It wasn’t that funny. As the franchise went on, it became something else. The remake really captures the original.”

One major difference with this reboot is that, rather than a voodoo ritual, the film will depict the terrors of artificial intelligence in the doll malfunctioning. Despite this difference, Plaza promised the intent of this new film is to impress new and old fans alike.

“I would only do certain remakes. This is smart. The messaging behind the film is different. Technology becomes the villain,” the actress noted.

The new Child's Play lands in theaters on June 21st.

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