Chucky Season 2: Jennifer Tilly Shares New Set Photo

Production continues on season two of Chucky and series star Jennifer Tilly has taken to social media to share a shot from the set, revealing a late-night shoot on a new episode that seems to be filming in Tiffany's bedroom. As fans recall, Tilly's performance in the series is very layered, as she's playing not only the evil doll/former lover of Chucky, Tiffany Valentine, but is doing so through the lens of Tiffany having possessed her, the actress Jennifer Tilly. It's complicated, but in the larger mythology of Chucky it all makes sense in the end.

"It's so much fun," Tilly previously told about playing herself/Tiffany in the TV series. "The thing about Tiffany, she loves being a movie star....One of the things I like about her in the series is she actually starts to become sort of splintered. She's spiraling and she's almost... I see her a little bit as Cybill, a little bit. She has these different personalities as she becomes more delusional and more unhinged and it's kind of fun to play such a crazy person. I mean, not kind of fun. It's really fun, but I just love the direction that she's taking. There's some poignant moments too. I mean, she's in love. She wants to be loved. I mean, that's what we all want, right?"

Tilly appears in the new photo with Chucky creator Don Mancini and her former Bound co-star Gina Gershon, the pair will reunite in the new season of the show for the first time since the Wachowski's 1996 erotic-thriller. They're not the only ones from the film that will appear either though as they will also be joined by Joe Pantoliano as well. 

Chucky for season two will also be welcoming back Devon Sawa as a new character, as well as another newcomer, Hannibal's Lara Jean Chorostecki. Other confirmed cast members for the series also include, naturally, Brad Dourif as the voice of Chucky, plus Alex Vincent, reprising the role of Andy Barclay from the original two Child's Play movies and the first season of Chucky, and Christine Elise, who played Kyle in Child's Play 2 and once again in the first season of the series. 

Cast members from the first season will also return including Zackary Arthur as Jack Wheeler, Björgvin Arnarson as Devon Evans, Alyvia Alyn Lind as Lexy Cross, and Barbara Alyn Woods as Mayor Michelle Cross. The entire first season of the show is now streaming on Peacock, look for season two to arrive this year!