Creepshow Series Showrunner Teases Movie Easter Eggs

Back in 1982, filmmaker George Romero teamed up with Stephen King to pay their respects to the [...]

Back in 1982, filmmaker George Romero teamed up with Stephen King to pay their respects to the horror EC Comics from the '50s they grew up on with Creepshow, which featured multiple terrifying tales that embraced a campy spirit. The film earned two sequels and has also inspired the upcoming Creepshow TV series from Shudder. Following the new series' announcement, fans were curious about how it would continue the legacy of the franchise, with further details confirming that it would embrace the franchise's tone while delivering audiences all-new stories. Despite featuring new stories, showrunner Greg Nicotero confirmed that eagle-eyed fans could spot Easter egg references to the 1982 film.

During the series' panel at San Diego Comic-Con, Nicotero hinted at the Easter eggs appearing in the episodes, yet played coy when it came to details, per Gizmodo. Nicotero did confirm that fans will be able to see an iconic ashtray from the film featured in every episode.

Fans of the film will surely appreciate the inclusion of the ashtray into each episode, as it appeared in all segments of the film itself. While it may have appeared as innocuous set dressing in many of the segments, in "Father's Day," it was used as a weapon of murder.

Nicotero also detailed what the series' cast and crew aimed to capture with their incarnation of the concept.

"I needed all these amazingly talented people because they're part of the essence of what Creepshow is," Nicotero noted. "I like the idea that you can watch the first Creepshow [movie], and the comic book closes at the end... and then you could watch episode one of our show, and it's like opening a new comic book."

He added, "It's not a reboot, it's not a retelling. George [Romero] and Steve [King] were so ahead of their time, because of their love for EC Comics. The shit that I love, it's the same stuff that we all love. It's Jaws, and Dawn of the Dead, and Salem's Lot. The stuff that I could watch or read a hundred times. And now we have Creepshow — it comes, for me, from a place of love. I love this stuff so much. We're all here for the same reason, and I'm grateful for the fans that support this."

The series lands on Shudder on September 26th.

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