Demon Fire Pit Skulls Kick Halloween Up a Notch

A couple of years ago, Myard had a huge Halloween hit with their line of ceramic, fireproof human [...]


A couple of years ago, Myard had a huge Halloween hit with their line of ceramic, fireproof human skulls. It seems as though they were quick to capitalize on that success with a bigger, better, and creeper demon skull version.

The demon skulls are made from "high strength and temperature resistant cement" and are designed to place in your fire pit. The skulls come in white, black, brown, and grey, but the flames will alter the color to give it a "more natural" and "creepier" look. The flames can also burn through the eye holes for maximum effect. You can see this effect in action in the video below.

If you're interested, you can purchase one of the demon fire pit skulls on Amazon for $58.50. Keep in mind that the skulls won't last forever when you burn them, but it might be a good idea to place one in the fire just long enough for it to get that awesome charred effect (and scare/traumatize some of your friends). Then you can put it on a shelf as a display piece. Grab one while you can because these skulls are handmade, and restocks might take longer.

The official list of specs for the demon skulls are as follows:

  • Materials: First grade of high strength & temperature-resistant cement + Exclusive composites + Fireproof paint. Non-toxic.
  • Handmade, longer Lead-Time.
  • Dimensions: Bigger than adult's skull. Averagely, length 9.5", width 8.5", height 9". Weight 15-18LBs. Heavy and highly detailed.
  • Packing: One demon skull / box + High-density Styrofoam case. Safe and easy to carry.
  • Looks more natural and creepier after burning
  • Features: 1) Flame can pop out from the eye holes (not from the month). 2) Stable foundation for easy layout. 3) Classic Demon Skull Shape Fire Gas Log with 4 color choices - White, Black, Brown, Grey. 4) The quality and craftsmanship of this fire pit skull comes with a money back guarantee to ensure your satisfaction with Amazon FBA. 5) Due to the hand-made & hand-painting, color difference, spots and scratches are unavoidable, which will not affect the performance of product.

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