Elvira's Autobiography Set for Halloween 2020 Release

Actress and comedian Cassandra Peterson debuted her horror persona Elvira, Mistress of the Dark in the early '80s, introducing and interrupting a number of campy horror and sci-fi movies for network television. Elvira went on to dominate the horror landscape throughout the decade, earning her own feature film, making a variety of public appearances, and emblazoning her image on a number of collectibles. Throughout her impressive career, both Peterson personally and the Elvira character have led interesting and exciting lives, with Peterson revealing that she is currently working on her autobiography while also teasing that it's set to hit shelves next Halloween.

"I'm busier than ever writing away on my autobiography," Peterson shared in the monthly Elvira newsletter [H/T Bloody Disgusting]. "I now have a DEAD-line from my publishers so no more messing around."

She added, "My book is due at the end of February so we can have a Halloween 2020 release!"

With most of Peterson's various public appearances in recent years seeing an embrace of the Elvira persona, an in-depth look at her life told through her signature sense of humor is sure to delight fans. Working with her friend Robert Redding, Peterson created the Elvira character, with her look being heavily inspired by former horror host Vampira, but Peterson, thanks to the comedic skills she developed at The Groundlings in the late '70s, incorporated a "Valley Girl" persona into the gothic look, and a horror icon was born.

In 2007, Peterson took part in The Search for the Next Elvira, a reality show which sought out new performers to embody the character. Despite crowning a winner, the new Elvira failed to connect with audiences as strongly as Peterson's portrayal of the character.

"Well, unfortunately, what happened is people wanted the real thing," Peterson previously confessed to ComicBook.com. "We couldn't sell her to anyone. I think we got her to do one really sad-ass parade in Nebraska somewhere and it was sad, because she's great. She was adorable. She did a good job. They just wanted the real thing. I should be flattered, I was flattered, but I also thought, 'Oh, geeze. Now I've got to do it forever until I'm 99 years old, I guess."

Stay tuned for details on Elvira's many future projects.


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