'Evil Dead' Remake Director Teases New Details About the Franchise

2013's Evil Dead has largely been considered a remake of 1981's The Evil Dead, as it displayed no direct connection to the original three films in the franchise and explored a seeming re-telling of events from the original film, though with different characters. That film's director, Fede Alvarez, recently revealed that the film is meant to serve as a sequel as opposed to the creation of an all-new narrative universe.

evil dead remake sequel fede alvarez

When asked by a fan how Alvarez's film connects to the rest of the series, the director replied, "It continues the first one. The coincidences on events between the first film and mine are not coincidences, but more like dark fate created by the evil book. (Ash car is still there rusting away)."

In the years since the film's release, the horror community has been divided on the successes of the 2013 film. While it may have recreated the original film's impressive practical special effects and nightmare logic, the film was devoid of any performer nearly as compelling as original star Bruce Campbell. Earlier this year, Alvarez teased the possibility of his film getting a sequel, though warned that telling the right story would be the most important determining factor of the project.

"Look, I love those movies," Alvarez shared with Entertainment Weekly. "Making my Evil Dead was an amazing experience, it was my first film. So, going back at some point will be a possibility. I mean, I'm really good friends with all those guys, with Bruce, and [director] Sam [Raimi], and [producer] Rob [Tapert]. So, we always chat about it."

Fans might have to wait patiently for a sequel to the remake to take shape, but the director's comments imply that whatever wait will be worth it.

"The good news — and I think that's what sometimes people don't understand — is, none of those guys will make any of these movies just because they can, just because it's good business. They will only make it if they believe they have some good story to tell. A lot of people say that in this industry, but most of the time it's not true," Alvarez admitted. "With those guys, all of us involved in those movies, we will just make them if we believe there's a story that has to be told, and is awesome, and is great, and we believe that it will be better than anything that will be done before in that world. [When] we find that story, when we all agree on what it is, it will probably happen."

Stay tuned for details on the future of the Evil Dead franchise.


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