New 'Glass' Story Details Revealed

The first big movie release of 2019 is no doubt M. Night Shyamalan's threequel film, Glass. A sequel to Shyamalan's 2000s hit film Unbreakable and the recent surprise sequel, Split, Glass will pit Bruce Willis' real-life superman David Dunn against two powerful villain foes: James McAvoy's split personality serial killer, Horde, and Dunn's former nemesis, evil genius Elijah Price - aka "Mr. Glass."

Trailers for Glass have laid out a lot of the basic premise of the film, which will see Dunn pursuing Horde (as teased in Split's post-credits scene), only to wind up getting arrested and locked up alongside the twisted killer - a development that puts a spark of life back into the near-catatonic Elijah Price. Soon, all three men become the subjects of a study by Dr. Ellie Staple (Sarah Paulson), who believes they suffer from similar delusions of extraordinary or superhuman. Now, thanks to promotional tour for Glass, we have a few other key details to share:

Here's the breakdown from Erik Davis over at Fandango:

  • Glass picks up a couple of weeks after Split.
  • James McAvoy will act out 20 different separate personalities - much more than we saw in Split.
  • Glass will use never-before-seen footage that was originally shot for Unbreakable.

Those three details are each going to be respectively exciting for longtime fans of Shyamalan's Unbreakable saga. The unused footage could be really interesting - and hopefully helps fill in what transpired between Dunn and/or Elijah, following the end of the original movie. It's easy to imagine that Shyamalan had a longer epilogue to Unbreakable that was ultimately cut - but would now serve as a great interlude to the events of Glass.


As for McAvoy: he was the tour de force that held Split together at the seams, as each of various personalities that Kevin Wendell Crumb manifests was unique and dynamic in its own right. The second Glass trailer revealed a sequence where Crumb's personalities are each forced to the surface by a camera flash technique Doctor Staple has developed; in the short tease of that sequence, we a Spanish-speaking person; the infantile Hedwig; evil-mom Patricia; another female persona called "Mary Reynolds"; and some kind of "bro" type persona, all on display. That's not counting "The Beast," Crumb's final personality, which has animal-like superhuman abilities.

Finally, the fact that Glass takes place just weeks after Split confirms that former film's post-credits scene is pretty much a direct lead-in to Glass, and that a David Dunn vs. Horde battle will likely be the opening set piece.

Glass hits theaters on January 18th.