'Glass' Star James McAvoy Hopes for More Sequels

Filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan has delivered audiences multiple original adventures, with last year's Split breaking new ground for the director as the film's final moments confirmed that it was a sequel to his 2000 film Unbreakable. Hitting theaters next year is Glass, which serves as a sequel to both of those films, bringing back multiple original stars. Split's James McAvoy hopes that Glass is merely the beginning of multiple Unbreakable sequels.

“I can’t speak for Night,” McAvoy shared with Entertainment Weekly about the possibility of more sequels. “I would like there to be more. I think there’s definitely the potential for more in terms of the roles that he’s created and the rationalization for what a superhero or villain is. There’s definitely room for more. But in terms of whether he would feel as fresh, I don’t know.”

In Split, McAvoy played Kevin Crumb, a man with a fractured psyche who kidnapped young girls to sacrifice to his deadly identity of "The Beast." More than merely being a violent element of his mind, The Beast displayed superhuman strength and resiliency, hinting that there was more to the villain's story.

One of The Beast's victims, Casey (Anya Taylor-Joy), escaped her potentially fatal encounter as The Beast avoided capture. Split's final moments saw David Dunn (Bruce Willis) learn about the altercation on the news, having previously come to the aid of those in need in Unbreakable. In that film, Elijah Price (Samuel L. Jackson) tested Dunn's strengths to determine that he had superhuman abilities which made him impervious to injury, contrasting Price's brittle bones resulting in frequent fractures.

McAvoy might be excited for more films in the shared universe, but Shyamalan himself doesn't want to build too much hope for more installments.

“How about I avoid that question altogether?” the filmmaker joked when asked about sequels. “There’s no good answer to it. I mean, look, I have two new ideas for movies, so I want to write those. Glass is the only movie I’ve ever done that’s related to another movie I’ve ever done. So, it’s not a habit of mine. I like making up new things, and trying new colors, so that’s probably the best answer. Where my sweet spot is, is thinking of a new kind of story each time and trying to make it as best I can, and seeing if it connects with the audience at that time."

Willis, Jackson, and Taylor-Joy are all joining McAvoy in Glass, which hits theaters on January 18, 2019.


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