The Villains Team Up in New 'Glass' Trailer

After surprising fans with a stealth sequel to his cult-classic Unbreakable, director M. Night [...]

After surprising fans with a stealth sequel to his cult-classic Unbreakable, director M. Night Shyamalan is following up Split with a violent crossover that finally gives Mr. Glass his due.

A brand new trailer for Glass just dropped, teasing the villainous team up between Samuel L. Jackson's title character and James McAvoy's the Horde. There's also some new footage of Bruce Willis' return as David Dunn, reprising his super-strong character from Unbreakable. Take a look in the video above!

Anya Taylor-Joy returns as Casey Cooke, the Horde's victim from Split, and Sarah Paulson joins the franchise as psychiatrist Dr. Ellie Staple.

Unbreakable was a moody thriller in disguise as a superhero movie, while Split was more of a psychological horror film focusing on a villain. Glass will continue in that vein, according to Shyamalan.

"For me, they're almost a different genre, what we're doing with Split, Unbreakable, and Glass," Shyamalan said to ComingSoon. "These are primarily thrillers and they're very much more contained. They're not CGI driven, they're very simple and clean. The musculature that [comic book] movies have are not what we're trying to do. The idea of what you don't see is really what we're insinuating, it's the power of that."

Split was a huge success for Shyamalan, prompting him to dive right back in with his followup movie and a proper sequel to Unbreakable. And though Split has renewed interest in this budding franchise, it's unclear if the writer and director would return for more movies in this universe.

"I can't speak for Night," McAvoy recently said to EW about possible sequels. "I would like there to be more. I think there's definitely the potential for more in terms of the roles that he's created and the rationalization for what a superhero or villain is. There's definitely room for more. But in terms of whether he would feel as fresh, I don't know."

Shyamalan, meanwhile, is solely focused on Glass.

"How about I avoid that question altogether?" Shyamalan joked to EW. "There's no good answer to it. I mean, look, I have two new ideas for movies, so I want to write those. Glass is the only movie I've ever done that's related to another movie I've ever done. So, it's not a habit of mine. I like making up new things, and trying new colors, so that's probably the best answer. Where my sweet spot is, is thinking of a new kind of story each time and trying to make it as best I can, and seeing if it connects with the audience at that time."

Glass premieres in theaters on January 18, 2019.