'Halloween' Sequel Director Confirms the One Line of Dialogue That Motivated the New Film

In the 40 years since the Halloween franchise debuted, the narrative has taken a variety of twists [...]

In the 40 years since the Halloween franchise debuted, the narrative has taken a variety of twists and turns, as well as the overall tone of the series venturing into different territories. When it came to developing an all-new sequel in the franchise which could make or break the series, director David Gordon Green looked at one specific line of dialogue from the original movie that motivated the development of this installment.

"She has a line in the original film when she's talking to young Tommy Doyle at the climax of the movie," Green shared with the L.A. Times when talking about Laurie Strode's outlook in the original film. "She says, 'Do as I say.' And she says this line with a command that she hasn't had for the entire film. 'Do as I say.'"

The director went on to detail how Laurie taking back her agency and refusing to be the victim helped him and co-writer Danny McBride create the new film.

"We took that to be her mantra for our film," Green explained. "She's taken that pivotal moment in her life, and her recognition of facing her fears, and now has been chanting that in meditations for 40 years. She's reached a point of a perceived almost psychosis of authority and built from this ambitious, kind of romanticized academic school girl into a woman that you don't want to [mess] with."

The original film depicted the masked Michael Myers escaping a mental institution and heading to his home town of Haddonfield, Illinois, killing teens on a path towards Laurie. The film never revealed what motivated his mayhem, though Halloween II revealed that Laurie was his long-lost sister.

The first sequel to the original film seemingly killed off Myers completely, with Halloween III: Season of the Witch changing gears and offering audiences a Halloween-themed story that had no connection to the Myers mythology. Fans were largely confused by this turn of events, resulting in the fourth film bringing back Myers. From there, all other films in the franchise have focused on Myers recovering from seemingly grave injuries he has suffered to eradicate various members of his family lineage.

The new film brings back original stars Jamie Lee Curtis and Nick Castle, while original director and co-writer John Carpenter serves as an executive producer.

Fans can check out the new Halloween when it lands in theaters on October 19th.

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