Hocus Pocus Star Claims They Haven't Heard Any Updates About Sequel Involvement

Following reports that a Hocus Pocus follow-up was officially being developed, many audiences wondered who, if any, of the original cast would be returning to reprise their roles, with stars Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy eventually confirming they were ready to play the Sanderson sisters again. However, star of the original film Vinessa Shaw recently claimed that she hasn't heard any updates about the project, which will leave both fans, and Shaw herself, speculating about what the upcoming narrative could potentially explore. Stay tuned for details on the Hocus Pocus sequel and see Shaw in her new film The Blazing World when it hits theaters and On Demand on October 15th.

"I would love to know more about it. I haven't heard anything. So it may be just that it's way [early] in pre-production or it's maybe something entirely different than the original. I haven't heard anything, sadly. Sorry," Shaw confirmed with ComicBook.com. "That movie just, it blew my mind to be able to do that movie as a young child growing up on Disney movies. It just was an amazing second film to have done. It brought me to basically love filmmaking because, up to that point, I hadn't really done anything that big. I mean, Ladybugs was pretty big for me to begin with, but three months on the set working on this movie, it just rocked my world. So to be able to, again, have everyone love it ... So I hope the second one is just as cool."

The original film focused on a group of friends in Salem, Massachusetts who inadvertently brought the Sanderson sisters back from the dead, with the trio of witches then trying to track down the teens in order to complete a ritual that would extend their lives even more. The movie did earn a sequel novel, in which Shaw's character makes an appearance as her daughter becomes the one to have to face the Sanderson sisters 25 years after the original movie.

Fans have wondered if the sequel movie would follow a similar plot, with Shaw's lack of updates potentially hinting the new film will have a fresh story. Despite not being involved in the endeavor yet, Shaw detailed her love of the film and the lasting memories she gets to share with fans about it all these years later.

"I hate to disappoint my fans, but Halloween isn't my favorite time of year. But it is because of Hocus Pocus ... Again, I just love that people continue to love this from basically watching it as a kid with their family and then they have kids and it just becomes this multi-generational film that everyone adores," the actor admitted. "I couldn't ask for anything more because I personally grew up watching Disney movies and if I saw Hayley Mills in person, because she was in all those Disney movies back then, I think I would faint. That's the kind of imprint that a movie like Hocus Pocus or most Disney movies have on children because you're watching it so young and it becomes part of your life and your family's life. And, for me, there's no better thing than that."

Stay tuned for details on the Hocus Pocus sequel and see Shaw in her new film The Blazing World when it hits theaters and On Demand on October 15th.

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