Devon Sawa-Starring Hunter Hunter Comes to Blu-ray in June

One of 2020's more unsettling horror movies, Hunter Hunter, landed on VOD and Digital HD in [...]

One of 2020's more unsettling horror movies, Hunter Hunter, landed on VOD and Digital HD in December, a time largely dominated by films vying for awards nominations, though the Devon Sawa-starring thriller ended up landing on a number of lists compiling the best genre films of the year. Whether you missed the film in its streaming debut or if you were one of many who were impressed by the survival thriller, Scream Factory is set to unleash Hunter Hunter on Blu-ray on June 22nd, yet it looks as though the special features on the disc have yet to be finalized.

In Hunter Hunter, "In the remote wilderness, fur trapper Joseph Mersault (Devon Sawa, Idle Hands, The Fanatic) and his family struggle to make ends meet. Believing their traps are being hunted by a returning rogue wolf, Joseph leaves his wife, Anne (Camille Sullivan, Unspeakable), and daughter, Renée (Summer H. Howell, The Midnight Man), on their own as he launches a determined search to catch the apex predator in the act. Growing increasingly anxious as Joseph's absence continues on, Anne reaches new heights of paranoia when a mysterious and severely injured man appears on her doorstep — and soon the threat of a predator in the woods becomes a threat much closer to home. 'An extraordinary entry in the modern horror canon' (Richard Whittaker, Austin Chronicle), Hunter Hunter is a heart-stopping, deep-woods thriller that will stick with you no matter where you are…"

One of the prominent reactions to the films across the board was that, as if the creepy narrative wasn't disturbing enough, it was the film's final scenes that really took the horror to a new level. Sawa previously recalled his reaction to first discovery the shocking sequences.

"Reading what happened in the script was pretty much, 'Oh, my God, that happened,'" Sawa expressed to "But then to actually see it visually was phenomenal. And then also knowing what happens to my character, or not knowing, however you want to look at it, it blew my imagination away, from reading it to actually seeing it, it just blew me away. It was done perfectly and I think this ending is going to be talked about by people, especially in the horror community."

Hunter Hunter hits shelves on June 22nd. Pre-orders are live at Best Buy now.

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