'Jigsaw' Star Laura Vandervoort Reveals Her Most Difficult Day on Set

The Saw series has always delivered fans terrifying situations in which a victim is forced with [...]

The Saw series has always delivered fans terrifying situations in which a victim is forced with subjecting themselves to a degree of bodily harm if they hope to get rescued, causing fans to put ourselves in a character's position to grapple with the physical and psychological torment. Laura Vandervoort, star of Jigsaw, recently shared that it was a scene full of emotional pain that was far more difficult than the extreme physical conditions of the role.

***WARNING: Slight spoilers below for Jigsaw***

The various Jigsaw killers featured throughout the saga never target "innocent" victims, often using traps that reflect petty crimes or injustices individuals have committed throughout their lives. Vandervoort's character smothers her own baby in a fit of rage, placing the blame on her husband by claiming he rolled over onto the newborn, causing the father to kill himself out of grief. Grappling with these emotions proved to be the actress' biggest challenge on the entire film.

"My character goes through a lot. It's always high stakes," Vandervoort told ComicBook.com. "It was exhausting every day just emotionally with the physicality of it, but it wasn't difficult when I got home to let it go. It's disturbing what my character did to her child. I would say that was the hardest day onset emotionally, with an actual baby onset, but other than that day, I didn't have trouble going home to sleep at night. I guess maybe that day, I probably had to watch something, but I watch American Horror Story, so I don't give myself much of a break from that."

Some of the Canadian actress' earliest roles were in the TV series Goosebumps and Are You Afraid of the Dark?,so the horror genre has always been near and dear to her heart.

"I grew up loving horror movies and psychological thrillers. Hitchcock was my everything growing up," Vandervoort admitted. "I guess I don't get overly scared easily, although my friends would say differently. When I watch horror movies with them, I cover my eyes, but I love the thrill. I guess being on the set of Jigsaw, I was a fan of the Saw franchise already. I was more excited to be there."

You can see Vandervoort in Jigsaw, out now on Blu-ray, DVD and VOD.