Lovecraft Country Creator Wants to Adapt Stephen King's IT Into a Seven-Season Series

The first season of Lovecraft Country ended earlier this month, and while showrunner Misha Green is looking ahead to where the popular HBO series may go should it get a second season, that's not the only horror-themed project on her mind. Green, who is writing an update to the blaxploitation film Cleopatra Jones, says she'd love to turn Stephen King's It into a limited series if she ever got the chance.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Green confirmed that she's still excited about Cleopatra Jones, but that she'd jump at the chance to adapt It -- and she'd turn it into something much more substantial than a film.

"I'm still very much excited about making Cleopatra Jones a female Black Bond. But I would love to do a limited series of Stephen King's It," Green said. "It's my favorite novel of all time, but it's such a thick book that you need time to sit with every character and really get into their fear. You could do a two-hour movie, but imagine a seven-season It."

The idea of a much longer adaptation of IT, spread out over multiple seasons of what one can imagine would almost certainly be prestige television, is certainly tantalizing. The popular 1986 novel was most recently adapted into two films, 2017's IT and 2019's IT Chapter Two. The first of those two films was widely praised as one of the best films of 2017 while its successor received mixed reviews and some criticism for its near-three-hour length.

But IT wasn't the only novel that Green mentioned wanting to take on. She also noted that she wanted to do "something with vampires" and brought up Anne Rice's classic Interview With the Vampire.

"Yeah, we need Interview With the Vampire vampires," Green said when it was mentioned that Twilight had kind of "killed" vampires for a while. "Imagine a multicultural Interview With the Vampire. What does that look like from all those different angles going through centuries of American history?"

As for Lovecraft Country, Green previously told Collider that looking ahead on that series, the only real specifics she has in mind involve genre and people of color and that there are so many stories to tell.

"The specifics I have are genre and people of color. That can go season after season, after season, after season," Green explains. "Being such a huge genre fan, there’s so much space there. There are so many places in genre where you don’t see people of color. You don’t see genre being used to tell stories about what it means to be Chinese American, or what it means to be Mexican American. That’s a well that you can always go back to, with no fear of feeling like it feels overdone."


Lovecraft Country is streaming on HBO Max and HBO On Demand.

Photo: Amanda Edwards/WireImage