Macaulay Culkin Now Owns Devon Sawa... Dot Com

There's nothing more enjoyable than light-hearted faux feuds between celebrities. Everyone knows about Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds' ongoing conflict, but there's another war that keeps catching our attention on social media: Devon Sawa VS. Macaulay Culkin. Sawa is known best for films such as Final Destination whereas Culkin is known for playing Kevin McCallister in Home Alone. The two are constantly giving each other a hard time on Twitter, and today brought the feud to a whole new level. In honor of Sawa's birthday, Culkin decided to buy

"Happy birthday to my best friend @DevonESawa. An incredibly handsome, intelligent, and talented young man. Don't forget to check out," Culkin wrote.

"Oh yeah, Mac bought my name. Happy birthday to me," Sawa tweeted.

"And tell Fred Durst to quit DMing me," Culkin added.

This response is due to the fact that Sawa just starred in The Fanatic, a new film directed by Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst. The film follows a man named Moose (John Travolta) who stalks his favorite celebrity, Hunter Dunbar (Sawa). Recently, had the chance to speak with Sawa about the film, who shared what it was like working with Travolta.

If you click the link for, you'll see that Culkin includes some great pictures of Sawa, starting with him posing with Eminem back when he starred in the "Stan" music video. During our chat with Sawa, he talked about the "Stan" video and his issues with Culkin. Here's what he said about the feud:

"Listen, my lawyer suggested I don't mention anything about Macaulay Culkin, because we are about to press serious charges on him," Sawa joked. "If you actually see helicopters above his house or the S.W.A.T team showing up, don't be surprised because we have been working on that for some time now."

Although, after the article went up, Sawa issued a hilarious correction:


Happy Birthday, Devon! We hope Macaulay gives you your name back… eventually.

The Fanatic is now available on digital and VOD.