Stephen King's 'Mile 81' Movie in the Works

There's certainly no shortage of Stephen King adaptations making their way into live-action, but it sounds like one more will soon be a reality.

According to Deadline, Alistair Legrand is poised to direct Mile 81, a supernatural thriller based on the 2011 novella by King. Set around a remote, boarded-up rest stop, the film will follow 12-year-old Pete, his brother, and a group of strangers who must fight to survive as they’re hunted by a mysterious force.

That synopsis leaves out a major (albeit slightly spoilery) tidbit about Mile 81 -- that the "mysterious force" in question is a killer alien masking as a station wagon. As the short story unfolds, readers learn that the car is positioned on the side of the road, as a way to lure unsuspecting good samaritans into its grasp.

Legrand previously directed The Diabolical and Clinical, both of which were co-written by himself and Luke Harvis. The pair will be teaming up once again to pen Mile 81.

The film will be produced by Ross M. Dinerstein, whose recent credits include The Innocent Man, and Netflix's adaptation of King's 1922. Paradigm will be helping sell the film, and is expected to introduce the project at the European Film Market in Berlin.

King initially published Mile 81 as an e-book in 2011, and a slightly-alternate version was later published in 2015's The Bazaar of Bad Dreams. In that version, the killer car ate a few additional characters that weren't included in the initial story.


This is just the latest automobile-related King project to be making its way to the big screen, after the John Carpenter-directed Christine famously debuted in 1983. Another car-centric King story, From a Buick 8, is currently being adapted into a film from The Boy's William Brent Bell.

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